Cuba Officially Joins the Belt and Road Initiative’s Energy Partnership

Cuba Officially Joins the Belt and Road Initiative’s Energy Partnership

Cuba has been a member of the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) since 2018. However, on the 18th of October 2021, the Republic of Cuba officially entered the Energy Partnership of Belt and Road Initiative. 

The aim of BRI is to promote solid connectivity between the Asian, African, and European Continents and establish solidarity and mutually beneficial partnerships among the countries that comprise the BRI. According to the official outline, it aims to “realize diversified, independent, balanced and sustainable development in these countries”. The BRI stretches strategically along the three continents and is guaranteed to have a ripple effect on the development of nations neighboring the BRI countries. 

Cuba’s decision to enter BRI’s Energy Partnership stems from the demonstrable urgency of overcoming global challenges within the energy sector, and to establish Cuba’s commitment to contribute to sustainable progress. 

Cuba holds the largest population within the Caribbean, and the largest economy within the region. Development in the Caribbean region was stifled greatly owing to the US sanctions against the Republic of Cuba for most than 60 years. The new opportunities for international collaboration presented by The Belt and Road Initiative will most certainly help Cuba counter the ill effects of decades long economic sanctions and begin a new era of progress for the country and its neighbors. 

The Republic of Cuba could confirm itself as an initiator for positive economic momentum and sustainable development in the Caribbean and Latin America.